Wednesday, March 11, 2009

10 reasons

You know the grand opening/concert is getting close when:

1. You take taxis into the community every day because you have so much stuff to bring with you that wouldn't survive on the bus (computer monitors! easels! desks!).

2. You find turquoise paint in all sorts of places when you finally get to shower at 10:30pm.

3. In the past 2 days, you've spent more money on floor wax than you have on food.

4. You have a medley of classic rock running on repeat in your brain, because "It's the only kind of music you can listen to while painting". I think I now know every lyric and guitar solo to the collected works of The Greatful Dead; my dad would be so proud.

5. If you never see or breath in sawdust ever again, it will be too soon.

6. Mopping has become a way to relax after a long day of work.

7. You wake up at 3am making lists of things to do, and decide you might as well get up and get started (that was for you, Seth).

8. The daily life blog has suffered tremendously, because the wireless internet has yet to be installed in the space.

9. Your packed lunch is both good and bad: good because it saves you from yet another almuerzo, but bad because that means you really didn't leave the space for 13 hours.

10. Thursday's art class will be dipping their hands in paint and helping decorate the children's corner, and probably each other as well.

Hopefully I'll have pictures soon; gotta grab one of the Duke spring breaker's memory cards before they head out. And I just have to say, without them, the library-teen center-art gallary-kids corner-office space would be in shambles. Literally. As if I needed another reason to like Duke.


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lancaster.sarah56 said...

It's great to hear you are making so much progress. Hang in there. It will feel really good when you finish.