Sunday, December 13, 2009

Snowflake Sunday!

After many many many weeks of anticipation, we finally made it to Snowflake Sunday. THE Snowflake Sunday - marked by a dinner of pizza (8 pizzas for 10 people, and there are barely any leftovers...), a group discussion about a thought-provoking article and, of course, the Secret Snowflake Gift Exchange. Since I'm slipping into a bought of un-productivity, brought on by copious amounts of pizza, here's a glimpse into Snowflake Sunday via pictures. Enjoy!

Our HUGE Christmas/Snowflake tree... with all of the Secret Snowflake presents under, well more like "surrounding," it...
(please note the clever use of gift wrap including: real wrapping paper, newspaper, recyclable grocery bag, and... a dish cloth?)

Jackie received two sweet necklaces from Mr. Chet Polson

Chet got a WHOLE bag of Lindor chocolate truffles from Bibi

Mike got a full set of 10 finger puppets from Erik...
(Yep, we're just as confused by that one as you.)

Haley received a movie ticket to Twilight (which we saw last week) and an ice cream cone from Sonia

Shawn received a beautiful assortment of gifts including a particularly hysterical bracelet (reaction seen above), a plastic trumpet, and a little box thing from Jackie

Krysta got a coin purse, a scarf and a sweet headband (which she is expected to sport in the same fashion as seen in her photo) from Sarah

Sarah was the lucky recipient of a scarf, Galapaguitos (best things ever), a chocolate bar and a 2 liter of Coke Light from Haley

And last, but not least, Bibi got a new coffee mug and a bag of chochos from Krysta

Not pictured due to already being back in the States: Sonia received a bunch of colorful bracelets from Shawn. (We miss you, Sonia!)

I love how many presents revolved around food. Clearly a trend around here. After a great discussion about a thought-provoking article on community development, we all sat around the projector and welcomed President Obama into our living room to watch his Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech.

Front row seats to President Obama's speech (a few days after he actually gave it...)! All the way in Ecuador!

We love Snowflake Sunday! ... And now back to the frantic Quarterly Report writing, packing, holiday gift sorting and cleaning that must be accomplished before leaving for Winter Break. It's so close I can barely contain myself!


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