Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Questions for Shawn!

It's time for PD Interviews: Round 2... this time with Ms. Shawn Fagan. Shawn, resident Brooklynite of the olive green room at the end of the hall, is most famous for completing the NY Times crossword on a daily (almost religious) basis, finishing two 1000+ page Ayn Rand novels in the last few months, and participating in all programs Teen Center, Children's English, and Preventive Health Center-related.

I'll be interviewing Shawn next MONDAY, MARCH 15th... so please submit all questions in the comments section of this blog or by e-mailing me at sarah.scott@mannaproject.org BEFORE then. Thanks in advance!

Now back to check on the 12 screaming girls sitting in our living room (Spring Break 2k10 is definitely in full swing),

Little-Known Fact: Shawn is also famous for starring in Where the Wild Things Are

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