Friday, January 21, 2011

Festivities in the New Year!

We have made it to 2011! The months so far have flown by and we are currently looking ahead to Spring Break groups and Summer volunteers. Our return to Ecuador has been a busy one, but not without festivities. We celebrated our first birthday of the new year this past weekend! Noel entered into her 25th year this past Monday. Our fiesta in Quito was one to be remembered, complete with one of Zoe's amazing cards, good food and a Packer's victory (shout out to Brock and Luke). The only downside of the night was the Ravens' loss which was quickly forgotten after good food and time spent with even better company.

Zoe presenting her work of art to Noel. It's beautiful!

Noel enjoying her personalized birthday card complete with the score of Happy Birthday on the front.

Bibi and Lucia out way past their bedtime to celebrate at Hunter's.

The girls making friends at Strawberry Fields.

I would like to wish Noel (my partner in crime on the blog, and in Ecuadorian life) all the best on her 24th birthday. I hope that this 25th year is filled with nothing but happiness, success and love.

Until next time
Besos Chao Chao

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