Friday, January 18, 2013

President Correa Rally

The upcoming presidential election of Ecuador is in February so there's been a noticeable increase in political activity since we've been back. One of the most exciting events to happen occurred yesterday when President Raphael Correa held a rally in Sangolquí at Parque Turismo. In typical Ecuadorian fashion, we were told numerous starting times for the rally. So by one o' clock we were all raring to go and excited that even those that were on Library and Teen Center that day could make it. We then learned it was at three so went with a slightly smaller group at that time. Once we arrived, we couldn't help but notice that for an extremely popular president with an approval rating of 80%, there were very few people there. Of course, that was because it actually started at five and we were two hours early. I had to head to the TC but I heard by the time Correa came, the block was packed with, for the most part, rabid Correa supports.The Presidente wasn't able to project all that well since he had had three campaign stops before ours and was quite hoarse. What we all did take away was the insanely addictive campaign song that has been stuck in our heads now for two days. Sorry to do this:

A crowd

El Presidente

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