Friday, April 26, 2013

Quito Benefit

I need to start off this post with an apology. I'm in a fragile state at the moment. We've had a few bug issues in our house recently so we decided to pull the trigger and get the house fumigated. Oh, the horror, the horror. We should not have done that. The amount of bug carcasses I just swept up over the past hour would permanently scar any normal person. Fortunately, I've lived in this house for the past nine months so I've built an emotional foundation that will serve me the rest of my life. Anyhoo, the Quito Benefit.

It's going to be tough to follow Joey's eloquent ramblings on the Valley Benefit so luckily I have a built in excuse having just waded through a sea of arthropod death. I'm happy to report that the Quito Benefit was just as successful as the one held in the Valley. We had our's at the American run restaurant Cuchara de San Marcos (Cuchara Trip Advisor Page). Peter, Madeleine, Polly, and myself were in charge. We spent the majority of the time soliciting donations for the raffle and ended up with a list of ten restaurants, cafes, and a hotel of which any would have been happy to walk away a winner. We opted for a cocktail hour sans cocktails. The PD's acted as servers of the hour'derves and had the pleasure of weaving through pleasant conversations as others worked the room with another group at the raffle table. The attendees ranged between friends from Quito, past directors, students, and American friends visiting. Overall it was a wonderful evening with everyone, winners and losers, walking away with a smile on their face. 

Diana Suarez Giving a Speech about Manna

Joyous with Success 

All the Happy Winners

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