Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Minga: The Aftermath

So as promised in the last post I have provided more photos from our new and improved community center after one very successful minga.  With some very strategic re-arranging of the bookshelves, the health center table and resources, as well as the computers, we have found that our library is being utilized in the way it was always intended and proving to be much more effective.  The resources and books we have in our preventative health care section are now physically accessible and are not only being perused by the adults who visit our center, but even read and checked out of our public lending library.  We have re-arranged the computers we have  and geared them towards a solely educational purpose.  Poco a poco our beloved biblio has transformed into both a fun and educational environment welcoming to both children and adults- a big step forward in the difference we’re making down here in the Chillos Valley!

We flipped the book shelves around to give it more of a library feel.  Also check out our sweet bottle cap curtain!

So feng shui.

Being studious!

Profe Nick's idea of having a "Profe's Choice" section where each week we all recommend a new book to read.  Ingenious!

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