Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Exploring Todo Del Mundo

           Manna Project International’s annual summer camp has gotten off to a great start with over 38 kids signed up to participate! This year, we’ve focused on exploring different cultures and countries from around the world  in attempts to give the kids a small sample of “Todo Del Mundo.”   By focusing on Europe, Africa and Asia through history lessons, art projects and even listening to the Frozen soundtrack in numerous languages,  we’ve definitely tried to incorporate as many new cultures and experiences as possible. With everything from African tribal masks, European geography lessons and Polka dancing, it has definitely been a packed but amazing week.   This past Saturday, the group headed to a local farm where we helped with weeding and planting before the kids participated in a discussion about the importance of agriculture.

            One of the most enjoyable aspects as Program Director has been the opportunity to get to know the kids on a more personal level. We’ve had so much fun playing, learning and watching how incredibly creative they can be when given the chance.
            We’ve got two weeks, a ton of activities and a whole lot of the world left to explore!  

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