Monday, September 15, 2014

Four Things Most North Americans Don’t Know About Ecuador

1.    The Mountains
Although some people probably know that Ecuador is quite mountainous, it is impossible to image or visualize the incredible landscape of this country. Unfortunately pictures cannot do the mountains of Ecuador justice but it seems like everywhere we look could be a post card.

2. The Fruit
Born and raised in the USA, I’m used to organic, fresh fruit being expensive and hard to find, especially when what you’re looking for is out of season. It’s the opposite here in Ecuador. While a box of brand name Cornflakes can be almost four dollars, a huge selection of fresh fruit can be bought almost anywhere. 

3. The Seasons (or lack of?)
Instead of Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring, Ecuador’s seasons seemed to be distinguished as the rainy season and the non-rainy season. And while we’re all missing Autumn, the rainy season will hopefully still provide an excuse to wear large sweaters and drink coffee. 

4. Architecture
An orange house, a pink house, a bright teal house...this is the common view during our daily commute. The beautiful architecture, historical styles and brilliant colors of Ecuadorian towns still amaze me daily.  

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