Friday, November 21, 2014

The Start of Something New

New things are happening here at Manna Ecuador! In the past months we have been seeking partner organizations in the area to offer our available hands and labor. Our ideas have finally begun coming to fruition! We have begun volunteering weekly at two different partner organizations. The first is called "Antorcha de Vida," and it is an organization which assists children with disabilities in education, therapy and vocational skills. This past week we took the kids to a local pool and were able to assist with pool therapy! We also volunteer at an organization called "Aliñambe," which houses youths from abusive or unstable homes. This organization not only houses the children but offers them an education, vocational training and a safe, family atmosphere many of them have likely never had before. Currently we work in the large farm at the organization which provides food and profit. In the future we hope to offer classes such as English and health as well. We're all very excited to reach out our hands to local organizations and can't wait to see how the relationships grow!

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