Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Welcome to the World, Little Blog

Hi and welcome to the freshly minted 'daily life' Manna Ecuador Blog!  This little guy was born out of a desire on our part to offer those who are interested a more in depth look into what exactly goes on in the Ecuadorian world as see through the lens of Manna Project International.  Thus, here stands our brand-spankin' new blog.

I, Holly Ward (of the soon to be released monthly email updates), will be updating this blog daily with tidbits about life in the house, the ever-evolving status of each of our various programs, random (but much sought after) information regarding fellow PDs, ideas we're spitting around regarding potential projects, and a rating system regarding our nightly Manna family dinners.

Each Wednesday will feature a "guest blogger" (ie. one of the other Program Directors) to weigh in on issues important to them.  This means you will most likely read a lot about the importance of protecting mangrove forests, be introduced to a number of Jocelyn's famous cake recipes, encounter any number of Economist articles, etc. 

Here's to our next year, and let the daily blogging begin!


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