Monday, February 2, 2009

Pictures of the New Space

Today Jos and I stopped in to visit our new space after Children's English to snap a view pictures for this little site, since I was too uncoordinated to get them up in time for Seth's post last week. Video to come soon (as soon as I can find an internet signal strong enough to survive the upload!). It will be fun to look back on these bare little photographs once we have furniture, book cases, paintings and the teen center set up!

(main room, as seen from the entrance)

(check out the trophies that come with the space! winners!)

(main room; the door on the left opens out to the porch)

(Jos looks out at the soccer field from the porch)

(view from the main room looking back)

(back room)

(back room view, different angle)


Greg Pasquali said...

Hot! Thats a lot of great space for library and office and programs. Super exciting!

Anonymous said...

How awesome is that space! Will you guys need to move closer? This looks like a new base of operations for Manna Ecuador.

Love you,