Monday, February 9, 2009

The Table Game

Last Thursday, in between Apoyo and Children's Art, Eliah and Jeremy were tasked with re-arranging the tables. Jeremy decided that a far better idea would be to hide under the table while Eliah moved it, effectively evading the job tasked to him and amusing himself thoroughly. It was too cute to stop.

Happy Monday!

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Anonymous said...

As a previously-devoted reader of Mr. Snatch's [regrettably] far-too infrequent guest columns, I am shamed and outraged upon viewing such incriminating photos of what could only be understood as one man's desire to crush an innocent young child. Regardless of Mr. Snatch's reasons -- be it trouble at home or perhaps the influence of violent video games -- frightening young children, while understandably quite satisfying, is nonetheless an act that can rarely be condoned. Thus, I demand that Mr. Snatch immediately cease wasting precious time terrorizing young children with classroom fixtures and instead return to conducting the type of hard-hitting journalism that we as fans once came to expect from his columns.

Yours, etc.

Cpt. B.J. Smethwick