Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Green with Envy

Summer left Monday morning. New PDs arrive Friday afternoon. Please forgive me if posting is a little slow this week, we're all trying to catch up on everything we've been too busy to get around to in the past 2 months. Which if you're a procrastinator like myself includes writing transition reports, putting together the house binder, writing the monthly update (oops...), editing Manna's foundational principles, drafting quarterly reports, planning my segment of the new PDs cultural week in Quito, and working with everyone else in coordinating all the new programs at the library during July (tango lessons! theater! electricity class! guitar!).

That said, all I can really concentrate on is our neighbor's garden. I mean, just LOOK at it! It's beautiful! It's filled with life! And color!

Ours is filled with dust and dead things. Please, PLEASE let one of the new PDs have a decent green thumb. Or else I'm going to have to call my parents and beg them to come back to fix our sad little garden.

(sad dead flowers)

(sad barren dirt)

I blame the state of our garden for why I can't get motivated to work. That's a valid excuse, right Dad?



Mark Clayton Hand said...

My impatients are NOT DEAD

They just get sad when I don't water them enough. Holly, will you PLEASE give them a nalgene?

Chuck Ward [Holly's dad] said...

There are only three things gardens need: 1) decent dirt [just look around, pletny of that!], water [?], sunshine [?]. Not sure what else to say? maybe Mom knows the answer.
love you.

Aravon said...

Oh Holly -- surely your neighbors wouldn't miss a few dozen plants if they just "happened" to up and disappear. I figure some night just send a couple of your least favorite PDs over the top of that nine-foot glass-embedded retaining wall your neighbors have and presto -- your gardening problems are solved!