Thursday, February 4, 2010

Our In-House Shakespeare...

(Today's Guest Blog comes from the delightful, eccentric, and apparently poetic Haley Booe. Her many talents include: making the other female PDs exceptionally sore during Women's Exercise, whipping up a mad dish of pad thai with limited cooking resources, knowing every choreographed dance scene in every movie ever made, and putting up with me as a roommate. She also happens to be our fearless Spring Break Coordinator... which is now in its stressful planning phase, and thus, is - clearly - consuming most of her thoughts. Enjoy our very own Shakespeare, Miss Haley Booe.)

"Since Spring Break planning is in full swing, that's most of what I have been thinking about these days. So here's a little poem for my guest blog - a tribute to Spring Break, if you will. Please excuse the limited vocabulary... my diction is quite poor, since half of my day I spend speaking Spanish.

'Twas a month before Spring Break, and through the Manna House
Everything was hectic; planning was my spouse.

The schedules were posted, created with care
Every group's leaders made a great pair.

We counted to make sure there were enough beds,
We have to find towels, so they can shampoo their heads!

Through budgets and food and Quito maps,
We planned out our trips to buy Panama caps.

This week in the library there arose such a clatter,
When we have extra volunteers, a lack of bookshelves will not matter.

By February 19th, we must have all their cash,
For the groups will be here to build in a flash.

Building, painting, cleaning they'll do,
And community members won't know what to do.

We'll travel to Quito, and Mindo they'll see,
To show them the country we love; on this, we agree.

Culture, awareness, projects and Manna life,
Our volunteers will experience all without much strife.

And when it's all over, he hope we still will be,
Friends and coworkers with (most of) our sanity.

So stay tuned to see how it all turns out,
Spring Break season is here, there is no doubt!"

Haley poses for her official MPI website picture...


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Unknown said...

Very beautifully poetic Haley! Does it sound as good in Spanish? Hugs -
Mama Peterson