Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ins and outs

This week has been filled with 16 person meetings, 1 on 1 programmatic planning sessions, and preparing for tonight's Despedida/Bienvenida in the library. We moved the newbies in a week earlier than usual, cutting their time in Quito to ensure a smooth 2 week transition. We are forced to say goodbye to another two PDs this week, Chet and Mike. But we're also given the opportunity to get to know these new enthusiastic and innovative minds and rest assured knowing that our programs will grow and prosper as we return to the states.

And now, a little introduction to who Chet refers to as the 'new hires.' (this pleasantly disregards the fact that we are not in fact paid employees.)

Ashley, Hannah, Zoe, Noel and Becky enjoy Chet's Birthday Chivas Tour

Luke, Sam, Brock, and Jack check out Guayasamin's digs in Quito

We've already turned them into LIGA fans...

... and they've already been published in a local paper!



Craig Smith said...

Hey! I recognize a couple of faces there, sweet! That ´08 Vandy Ecuador SB trip has turned out 4 PD´s between Guate and Ecuador. Wowzaz! Did any end up in Nica too?
¡Viva Quito!

Anonymous said...

The new PD's look like they could be on survivor.Good Looking Group!