Friday, July 30, 2010

Interview a PD: Jackie Weidman

Finalmente, I have finished the last of our "Interview a PD" series. Let me tell you, it is not very much fun listening to yourself say 'but um' during each question, but um, I got through it!

Please pardon the change of location and the screaming kids in the background (the reason why we changed locations). The neighbors below we're hosing down their buck-naked children to clean them for lice. Oh the joys...

Enjoy the interview; many thanks to everyone who sent questions for all of us PDs! You're all awesome, and we love you.

- Jackie


amy mcgov said...

LOVE the video! (and your wein face)

Dana Zichlin said...

hahahaha this just made my dayyy, week, ano! Silla musicales! How did you get through a year without bringing out the wein face?.. thank god you still have a couple weeks.

great job with the interviews!

matt said...

great interview weinnn....i especially love the picture of burns and of course the wein face. haha

can't wait for you to come backkk.