Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Big Thank You for All Your Support

The Chase Community Giving Competition has ended and the official results are finally available. Unfortunately, MPI did not win our division and will not be moving onto the next round, but we did finish a respectable 3rd behind some other well-known nonprofits.

Also, we would like to send a special thanks to the following individuals, organizations, and networks, who kindly promoted Manna Project during the competition:

v Pencils of Promise

v Brad Corrigan, of the bands Dispatch and Braddigan, as well as his own nonprofit Love Light & Melody

v Catchafire

v Lacrosse the Nations

v Our Time

v Razoo

v ORPHANetwork

v Giving Matters

v Spark Microgrants

v Other Places Publishing

v The US Center of Citizen Diplomacy

v Building Bridges Coalition

v Spark Microgrants and the Local Solutions Forum

v Matthew Perryman

v The band Relient K

v The band Jars of Clay

v Alongside Ministries

v Members of Save the Children's Corporate Partnership team

v Duke University's Center for International Development

And all of our friends who endured our relentless pressure to spread the vote.

While we are of course disappointed to have not moved on to the next round, we are sure that the publicity Manna has garnered during this competition will serve us well in the future. Having visibility is an important component for nonprofits to grow and receive funding, and with more than 10,000 votes, it is certain that MPI has increased its visibility both in the U.S. and in Ecuador.

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