Tuesday, January 24, 2012


   This past Saturday saw the culmination of much planning, advertising, and preparation undertaken over the last several weeks by our PDs.  The fruit of our labor was the successful Fiesta de Rumiloma (or FDR), a community-wide celebration now in its second year. 

   The festival’s purpose is to promote Manna Project, the classes and services we offer, to promote other local organizations that do good work in our community, and to bring residents together for a good time.  Other organizations that attended the festival included the Red Cross Ecuador, Antorcha de Vida (a nonprofit that provides opportunities and services to handicapped children), Fundación Añamisi (an organic farming cooperative and produce vender), La Casa Victoria (an Ecuadorian organization similar to ours but operating in Quito), Protección de Animales Ecuador (or PAE, an organization offering free veterinary services), and several local firefighters who put on an emergency medical response demonstration with the Red Cross. 

   About his organization’s participation in the festival, Christian Añamisi of Fundación Añamisi said, “It was nice to have the opportunity to actually show our produce to potential customers,” and added that he hoped the event would continue in future years. 

   The Fiesta was held at the Plaza de Rumiloma, a grassy space in front of a church near our Centro, and in the neighborhood of many people we serve.  Among the highlights of the activities were the very popular “saltarín” kids’ bounce house, spirited games of musical chairs and three-legged races, and the presence of our friend and MC, Christian Guachamin. 

   We thank all of the people and organizations who attended, as well as the weather gods who waited until three o’clock to release the rain and lightning, and we look forward to continue working with our community this week as our programs begin anew.  

The MC and life of the party!  Muchas gracias Christian...

A new word for our Spanish vocabulary:  "el saltarín" - kids' bounce house

Tug o' War:  a game that is simple, timeless, and cross-culturally attractive

Not an actual emergency:  the Red Cross and local firefighters demonstrate the procedure for responding to car accidents

From left to right:  Nicole, Heather, Emily, and Taylor

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