Saturday, June 2, 2012

Teen Center Party

We have been talking for a while now about having a party in the teen center to boost attendance and just to try something new. We have had a few parties in the library this year, but never one just for teens. Taking advantage of the extra chaperones we have with the summer vols around, we threw a party for teens (12 and older) last night. We advertised the party at last week’s movie night, in the library, and at Chaupitena, the high school where Emily and Taylor teach nutrition classes. We weren’t sure what to expect having never done this before, but the party was a great success. The teen center filled up early with kids playing ping-pong and videogames, and fighting over what music to play on my ipod. As we hoped would happen, the teens mainly entertained one another, flirting, chasing each other around and trying their hands at break dancing. They all enjoyed the frozen pizza and cachitos and apart from a few spilt sodas, there was no permanent damage done. Everyone seemed to have a good time, and we are hoping to see a few new regulars in the teen center now.

Yesterday also happened to be a special day in Ecuador, el día del niño (Kid’s day). Special programs were held in schools, and we put the summer vols on planning some fun activities for our kids in the library. Molly and Amanda baked cakes, and took all the kids out to the cancha to play soccer after art class. With all the sugar and added excitement yesterday was an extra crazy day in the centro, but the time flew by.

 Summer Vols Amanda and Molly passing out refreshments

Kevin and his Cachitos 

Chaupitena teens playing cards

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