Friday, November 9, 2012

Haunted House

Hey Folks - Sorry it has been so long since our last post.  In all honesty, we have been partying too much; two weeks ago we had our Adult English midterm party and this past weekend we had our Casa de Espantos! We have been having way much fun that we almost forgot to tell you all about it! 

It is tradition to invite our Adult English students over for lunch and some much needed relaxation after the midterm.  Several types of humus with vegetables to dip complimented with a yummy pasta dish polished off with some delicious home-baked snicker doodles; the students left with empty plates and full stomachs.  What beautiful weather we had as well and we made use of our patio soaking up the sun while listening to music, conversation and laughter filling the air.

As for our latest fiesta, the team figured it would be a great opportunity to put on a haunted house for the community in celebration of Halloween. With Jell-O bowls filled with gummy worms as an appetizer, we then moved to our craft station where the kids made spiders from egg cartons, pipe cleaners, beads, and of course paint.  And finally we had our main event, the haunted tour. Turning the Teen Center into a haunted house took a lot of creativity and resourcefulness from all the group members.  Our efforts were not in vain as the library was filled with genuine frights and screams all evening. 

Jenni started the horror tour by first guiding the students through the tunnels to the witches lair.  Lucy did a phenomenal job at setting the tone as our house witch, telling a story of children who once visited the library in years past who had gone missing; “to this very day, the neighbors can still hear the children screaming!”.  This was my cue playing the token zombie role to thrash the curtains and enter the window in pursuit of fresh meat.  Jenni would then lead the students to a table where the eyeballs and brains of children past were displayed for touching.  Nothing more than peeled grapes and spaghetti to do the trick, the kids then got another jolt of terror when our boss Heather would grab their ankles from under the table.  Next Jenni would lead them the tomb where our library mummy, portrayed perfectly by Polly, who would then slide the tomb top off and rise from the grave.  If the kids were not scared by this point, which they were trust me, Joey would come rushing in as a masked lunatic from behind the group and all monsters would gather to usher the students through the exit tunnel back to safety.  Even the weather had its very own role as rain, thunder and lightning played into the ambience of the evening.

Exhausted with hoarse voices we returned home for dinner. Shortly thereafter some of the girls finished packing for a weekend in Cuenca, another principle city to the south that would be celebrating its Day of Independence all weekend long.  As you can tell, we have been busy working and having fun simultaneously.  Check back with us later on in the week to read about our adventures down here. 
Que te vaya bien!

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