Friday, November 9, 2012


We had a long weekend last week because  it was a feriado (holiday) so most of us traveled around the country with some going to Otavala and others to Cuenca. Upon our returns, we were all looking forward to getting home and settling in for the week. However, we came back to a blown wireless router and a sad, internetless house. This wouldn't seem like a big deal to some but a number of different factors made it a tough past couple of days. For one, we have lived here for almost four months and this is the first time we haven't had internet so it came as a big shock. Secondly, the service industry here is notoriously slow/flaky/non-committal. Basically it's tough to get any help right away so we knew it was going to a be a couple days. And finally, living in a foreign country, its nice to be able to keep up with family, friends, and the news back home. And as it turns out, there was quite an important event going on right during the middle of our internet blackout. We tend to avoid talking politics in the house since the group is pretty divided on the issues. That hasn't stopped us from watching the debates together and throwing an insult around every once in a while. Yet, when the time came, no matter partisan lines, we were all woefully and completely in the dark. We joked on Sunday that we would find out who won the election from the Ecuadorian paper "El Commercio" on Wednesday morning. As it turns out, that is exactly what happened. While I won't personally say who I was routing for in the election, I will say that while internet has returned, my world is still sad and dark.

It is good to back on the blog though.


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