Monday, December 3, 2012

Vanderbilt Thanksgiving Break Group: Afterthoughts..

After some minor internet disturbances, we are back to blogging.  Here is a follow-up from one of the Vanderbilt Thanksgiving break volunteers, Andrew Legan. 

Our first two days in Ecuador introduced us to a world of spontaneous
catch phrase tournaments and mystery meat street foods.  After touring
Quito and the surrounding area, we six Vandy volunteers were excited
to get to work renovating the Teen Center.  Our work began on Tuesday
and finished on Friday.  During that short time, the Teen Center
received a new dartboard, expanded space for activities, Koosh
basketball, corn hole game supplies, a new paint job, and much more.

Friday’s debut of the Teen Center was a success, bringing both old and
new faces to the Center.  The jóvenes thoroughly enjoyed the new goods
and the renovated room.  The party proceeded virtually without
discipline problems (except for a stuffed animal’s mysterious loss of
a leg) and served to show the kids how cool the Teen Center can be.
Hopefully, from now on, the Teen Center will be the popular place for
any idling teens in Rumiloma.

All in all, our week with MPI was an excellent introduction to a new
country and to new friends.  Although we were only there for a week,
in hindsight the trip seems like it lasted a month thanks to
everything the Program Directors had planned for us.  Our excitement
complemented the energy of the PDs, and our two groups mixed
perfectly.  We returned to the US with an expanded perspective on
service and with new friends in the Chillos valley.

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