Friday, May 3, 2013

Planting Seeds

What started with a few seeds, egg cartons, and some of our very own compost, has now turned into a healthy, producing garden!

 Our little project.
Parsley, Cilantro, Basil, Tomatoes - Oh my!

Jefferson and I are in charge of the Agriculture Program here with MPI Ecuador.  We work with a local special needs school, Antorcha de Vida, one of our partner organizations, maintaining their gardens, planting new crops, and hanging out with the faculty and students.  We also have done some work with the loan recipients in our Micro Financing Program, assisting with their agricultural projects all the while strengthening our relations within the community.  

When we first arrived and were choosing our programs, both of us expressed interest but had never started our own gardens before.  I worked on a large vegetable farm throughout high school and helped my mom in her gardens during the summers.  Jefferson did some of his own projects, growing potatoes and tomatoes in his younger days.  However, moving into such a large house with plenty of space, rich soil (you can put anything in the grown here and it will grow, not to take away from our efforts), and being in the "Ag" program, we figured there was no better time to start then here in Ecaudor!

Now we have planters full of basil, parsley, cilantro with about five tomato plants in the ground.  Just last night, when Madeleine and I were cooking, the recipe called for some cilantro and basil.  After a quick trip outback our needs were fulfilled; fresh from garden to our plates.  

Let your garden grow, folks! Until next time..

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