Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ghosts, zombies and profes! Oh my!

Halloween came to Rumiloma last week! The PDs turned the library into a spooky and fun Halloween themed house complete with toilet paper zombies races, bobbing for apples and a haunted house. Kids came dressed in costumes and the PDs took turns painting faces, prizes were given to the best costumes which included one library regular, Joel, who came in full-zombie garb, with ripped clothes and scary face paint. The haunted house was a great success as we converted the Teen Center into a terrifying maze in which local teens and PDs hid behind make-shift walls and jumped out at kids. It was a really fun for us to share some culture from the States and learn a little about Día de Disfuntos or Day of Dead as it is more commonly known as in the States.

PD Abby paints Isaac's face so she can have an evil twin 

Toilet paper zombie races 
Getting ready to bob for that apple! 

Nick and Greg use what little material we have to make the Teen Center into a scary haunted house 
Eyes and worms 
Kids wait outside to enter the HAUNTED HOUSE 
Bobbing for apples can get a little messy,  Mateo helps clean up 

Manna PDs get scary 

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Well done, guys! Hope all is well.