Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Reading and Eating! Two New Programs in the Library

The library has recently developed a few new programs to get the kids excited about reading and making healthy snack choices. The new reading challenge created by PDs Torie Taylor and challenges kids to read a new book and write a small report on it. Every time they turn in a book report a new sticker is Placed next to Their Name on a board displaced in the library, after a certain number of book reports are turned in the participant will receive an ice cream treat! Once the kids caught onto the reading club poster filled with names and stickers! It has been a great way to challenge kids to read something new every time they come to the library. 

Children's Nutrition also recently adopted a new program on Friday afternoons, which encourages you the kids to make more educated choices when it comes to snacking. It is very common to see kids in the library with chips, candy or ice cream every day so PDs Cate, Claudia, Nick, and Abby thought it would be a good idea to introduce a new healthy to snack to every week, Accompanied with a short talk (chat) about  what makes this food a better choice then the very commonly sighted junk food. The first few lectures have gone really well with high attendance and kids gobbling up the snacks as fast as then can!

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