Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Manna 5K

        After losing our voices cheering on Ecuador through the second round of the World Cup the night before, all the program directors and interns headed out of the house early the next morning to organize for the Third Annual 5K. We all piled into the bus, Luna in tow, and made our way to the Cancha outside of the library. With the two tents overhead and a large sign thanking our sponsors, we set up tables of prizes, Manna information, and inscriptions. Shortly after, all the interns jumped into the back of a caminata and started out on the course. Dressed in our bright blue Manna shirts and holding signs painted with“Vamanos!” and “Ya casi llegado!” we each got dropped off at a different corner to keep the runners on track and motivated.
        As soon as DJ Zach started playing and the whistle started the race, the sixty runners took off all around the neighborhood. Each standing on our corner with our signs in hand, we saw the runners sprint past in about an hour. The race ended, the roads reopened, and it was time for the children’s race around the field. The twenty or so children runners set off, running a complete lap around the field as their course. Once their race was done, the prizes began led by Claudia and Fred. With different winners for each category, the prizes ranged from Manna t-shirts, water bottles, athletic socks, and kids toys for the children’s awards. Claudia and Fred thanked the runners for participating and Manna raised a total of $250.00 in inscriptions.
With the runners tired and munching on bananas and medals hanging around their necks, the Third Annual 5K was a great success; can’t wait to hear all about it next year!

By: Charlotte Davidsen 
kids race!

some very encouraging interns

last, but certainly not least!

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