Tuesday, July 15, 2014

So today at the Manna house we woke up a bit early to make it to Chaupitena, the local elementary school in Rumiloma, so that we could paint a mural. The mural we painted had the different food groups that children need to live a healthy life. This was to accompany the knowledge the students had been learning throughout the year in our nutrition class. Cate had it all planned out when we arrived at that school. She had her vision and the interns were there to assist her. Mixing the paint was only the beginning of our struggle, as we had to find the right blend of paint thinner and paint. Once we figured out the right mix we began to paint the sketched out mural only to find out that the red paint was running like water and almost ruined the mural. Luckily, we managed to pull through and continue with our project.   The mural was a success and we were able to finish before the morning was up.  Now there will be a little piece of Manna at Chaupitena, so that when kids walk past they are reminded of what they learned and also the program directors and the volunteers who helped lead the nutrition class this past year!



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