Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Afternoon Update

Eliah just came back from a trip into Quito, and while he was making the best looking plate of nachos Dana and I have ever seen (homemade tortilla chips!), he told us about the store he just came from. Apparently Craig took him there once to get his computer fixed, but before you write this off as a "oh Holly's bored and writing about computer stores" type of entry, let me tell you a little more about this computer store.

Not only does he fix computers, but the owner also makes homemade tortillas and chips (hence the incredible nachos), and sells wedding cake toppers, all while listening to 30's techno jazz and prancing around his shop like he's at a rave.

Computers, tortillas, cake toppers and techno.

All I have to say is, whenever the next computer crashes, someone PLEASE come find me because I will SO help you fix it. And by help you I mean I'll eat chips and pick out some stellar cake toppers for the next birthday.


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