Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Result of Writer's Block

"Writer's block is a condition, associated with writing as a profession, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work."  Thank you, Wikipedia.  I don't quite know whether being a co-author of a (semi) Daily Life Blog counts as being a professional writer (I'm leaning towards no on that one), but I do know that I happen to be suffering from writer's block.  What has happened recently?  Any funny stories?  Ridiculous happenings?  Interesting breakthroughs?  What do people actually want to read about?  Nothing... I'm coming up with nothing.

This is not to say nothing has been going on in Manna World recently.  In fact, it's been quite the opposite.  We have all been throwing ourselves into planning and running programs, keeping up with operational jobs (or maybe not keeping up so well if you call yourself a blog writer...), attending marathon meetings, and trying to plan some time for ourselves.  Throughout all of this, it's becoming apparent that the small things are often the most exciting... to us, at least.  Today's (small) excitement was...

... a mailbox run.  Our post office box (or Casillero to those of you who are awesome and have been writing us letters) is located in Sangolqui, which is located a bus ride away from Conocoto, and doesn't have the most convenient hours.  This means that we only check it once every few weeks, or when our friendly post office worker calls the house to tell a lucky someone that he/she received a package that is too big to fit in the actual post office box.  (This is a highly coveted phone call.  Trust me.)  Needless to say, it's always exciting to be one of the lucky few to receive a letter in the mail.  This week's mail included several cards that were written nearly a month ago (love the Ecuadorian correos) and a birthday package to Haley complete with several packages of powered cheese from the treasured Kraft Blue Box.  Real cheese doesn't exist here... so we settle for the orange powder from home.  (Kind of gross, I know.)  Like I said, it's the small things.

Haley shows off her powdered cheese collection... while I remain skeptical.

Yep.  That was an entire post on writer's block and mail runs... which clearly means it is time for bed.  Check in for a guest blog from Haley tomorrow and a recap of our first group retreat early next week!  (And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HALEY! ... as I'm officially posting this on Thursday!)

Until Monday,

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