Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Celebrate Good Times!

Hello hello blog reading world! Long time, no see... er, write. Thankfully my blog partner-in-crime, Jackie, has been a champ and on top of the blog since we got back! (Thanks, Jack.) :) Things have been busy (to say the least) around here since the final three members of the team arrived home in Ecuador a week and a half ago. Last week we scrambled to figure out the schedule, work out the details, and advertise (and I mean AD-VER-TISE. Lots of it.) for our Celebracion Comunitaria which was held on the soccer field across from the library last Saturday. Ideally we would like to make this an annual event, and I think we would all agree that this was a great start to attaining that goal. Here's a slew of photos from the event...

Wendi helps Jackiepants (who is sporting our SWEET new shirt!) set up the MPI info table

Wendy, ever the little helper, blows up balloons (even though she can't tie them herself...)

Haley shows off one of her many talents: blowing up balloons at roughly 8,500 ft. altitude (she got skillz)

Several local organizations were asked to participate in the event. Here, Christian and Laura sell produce from their organic garden.

Selena and Priscilla show off their face paint

Bibi, Wendy and I had out the first raffle prize, a frying pan! All of the raffle proceeds went to the Ecuadorian Red Cross to support Haiti.

Erik essentially single-handedly beat all of the kids at Tug-o-War...

Several community members enjoyed the half hour sampling of a Women's Exercise class

Chet shows off the beautiful rainbow that we conveniently planned to coincide with our Community Celebration...

And, as usual, the Ecuadorian sunset failed to disappoint.

All in all, it was a fun, busy and successful weekend! And a perfect way to start the new year!

Happy (late) New Year!


Anonymous said...

glad to see chet clean shaven! i knew my daughter had multiple talents.(i sure couldn't blow up balloons here much less there)mmd

Anonymous said...

Great to see that you're all back and busy with projects! Love the photo of Bibi with the mountains in the background. We plan to visit you this spring, so hope that you're working on your wish lists. Erik's mom