Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Despedida #1

It's becoming quite apparent that we don't have very much time left in Ecuador... things that we scheduled 3 months ago (thinking June would never get here) have come and gone. Funny how that happens. Our most recent reminder of our impending departure was the Despedida we hosted in Parque Moya last Saturday.

A Despedida (literally "a farewell") is a goodbye party, and it is customary in Ecuador to do something special before people leave. We decided to have 2 Despedidas this year - 1 for our friends who are less library-goers and the other for the Rumiloma/library community. This Despedida was for our less library-going friends, homestay families, soccer teammates, etc. We all gathered in the park for a Saturday afternoon of good conversation, basketball games, eating, and listening to the painful USA-Ghana soccer game via radio.

Here are some pictures of the party:

Pick-up basketball game

My strategy for beating the opponents

Relaxing and eating in Parque Moya

Krysta with Dr. Escobar and his son

Mike, Emilia and Alison

Shawn and me listening to the pathetic USA vs. Ghana soccer game via radio

Haley and Krysta with some Women's Exercise students and their families

Haley and Susana


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