Friday, June 18, 2010

the library gets a makeover

A number of new library initiatives have been planned and executed by our summer volunteers. Although everyone spends multiple days each week playing with the kids and running our space, a group of volunteers dedicated to enhancing the day-to-day goings on in the library has been working very hard through the past month.

1. The mural started by our Tulane spring break group was finally finished; volunteers and PDs whipped out their paint brushes to fill in each and every bubble.

Finished Mural!

2. We spruced up the adult corner by painting the pillar that used to exude awkward beige-ness in between our subject sections. Now, thanks to Jenni and the help of Claire, it brightens up and invites readers over!

Jenni and Claire work on painting a beautiful outdoor scene

3. After the incident where all of the kids decided that gluing their coloring pages to the wall was a good idea, we decided to scrap off all of the paint and redo it. We had some left over chalkboard paint from our A-frame and decided to paint a chalkboard in the game corner for the kids to play in. They certainly wasted no time showing off their drawing skills from art class...

Jen, Ja, Claire, and Stef pose in front of the completed chalkboard

Kenny, Kerly, and Isias test out the fresh new board

4. After ordering and leveling all of our children and teen books over spring break, we researched and planned a reading club that began a couple of weeks ago. Krysta dug back into the depths of her childhood to remember a fun 'build and ice cream' based reading competition. Each kid takes home a book along with three questions to answer about it to ensure that they've read it; upon return, they receive one piece of an ice cream sundae. Once they've collected 8 pieces (aka read 8 books) they receive an ice cream of their choice from one of the local tiendas. So far, we have about 15 participants, and 4 kids who've received one ice cream and are working on their second set of 8 (more challenging) books!

"Do you like ice cream? Join our reading club!"

Wendy poses by her nearly completed sundae; she's now on her second!

4. Summer volunteers Jen, Claire and Mae offer 3 half-hour long literacy classes on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays in the library. The class is split into two groups; one that is working on learning to read by practicing how to pronounce vowels, consonants, and how to construct words. The other, older group, works on increasing their reading levels and their ability to read faster.

Mae plays bingo with Selena and Issac

Tomorrow morning we're off to Quilotoa for our first session two weekend trip. We'll kick off next week introducing you to the new 8 quirky, energetic, and extremely hard working girls in our house!


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