Monday, June 21, 2010

Preguntas para Sonia

Next week I get to interview Sonia Patel! Although I'm not sure we can get her to sing "Milkshake" on the internet, I'm certain that you readers can come up with some (almost as) entertaining questions. And some thought-provoking ones too!

Bibi messing with Sonia on a retreat

Topics can include anything from:
  • "what is your favorite color?" (a question she posed to all of the summer volunteers last weekend in Quilotoa)
  • what she would do if any form of feces touched her
  • what it's like to be a vegetarian in Ecuador
  • how many episodes of Lost she's watched in the past week
  • her inspirations for Art Class
  • participating in the Alimentate nutrition classes
  • all of the awesome things she's going to do in med school in DC next year
Please post question as a comment to this entry, or e-mail me ( by next MONDAY June 28th!

thanks and happy summer!
- Jackie

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Purvi Desai said...

Dear Sonia,
What is the most important, albeit surprising, thing you have discovered about yourself while living/working in Ecuador?