Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Introducing: Don Quixote, Goldie, Fea and Dulcinea

Dear readers... The moment has finally come! We have them! We finally have chickens! The boys have been looking forward to this day for months and since the new house conveniently has a built-in chicken coop in the back yard, we figured... why not? The boys returned with three chickens and a rooster. So far it has been quite an interesting experience.

The chickens are adjusting to a new roost so I am trying to cut them some slack but there are a few things we are all hopeful will change before too long. Firstly, we are sincerely hoping they will stop climbing the fence and attempting to make a break for it. Just this morning one of the chickens (Goldie) and our rooster (Don Quixote) almost tasted freedom by finding a hole in the fence. Luckily our fearless boys chased them down and returned them home to safety. Secondly, the rooster has not quite adjusted to a normal crowing schedule. Some days he is quite an eager beaver crowing at 4:30am (must to my chagrin since my room is right next to the coop) and other days he forgets to crow and calls us to lunch around 11:30 or noon. Lastly, the chickens are severely lacking in maternal instinct; we have 7 eggs so far but the chickens refuse to lay on them. From what I know from children's books, chickens are supposed to lay on their eggs and wait for them to hatch. Our chickens would rather run around the coop and hatch plans with El Gallo (Don Quixote) about an eventual escape from their cozy new homes.

Here are a few pictures to show off our lovely new additions to the Manna team:

Don Quixote and Fea commiserating near the trough. They know the boys are coming to get them.

The boys attempting to capture the chickens as they fly, hop and run around the coop.

Brock giving el gallo Don Quixote some lovin'.

Success! Chickens captured. Photo taken.

Until next time!

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