Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Things We'll Miss

Well this will be my final post. I had a great time running the blog with Peter. We always weren't the most on point people, but we went for the philosophy of quality over quantity and boy I think we nailed it. To end, we collected a list from all the PDs of the things we are going to miss here in Ecuador. Thanks for a great year and keep reading next year as Heather and Virginia take over.

Jefferson Deming

Sitting down to dinner together every night 

Seeing the relaxed faces of my yoga students during meditation

Giving kids piggy backs and having heart-to-hearts in the teen center

Hollering "vecino!" to all of our old neighbors out and about in the street

$1.50 almuerzos

Bakeries on every corner

Cheap produce

The mountains

The man cave

Affordable public transportation

Super Smash Brothers with Pete and Jeff

Living with seven of my best friends

Coco juice on the street

Endless pots of coffee

Daydreaming with Walter about one day retiring to the beaches of Colombia

Adding "-ito" to the end of any word that you want

Not knowing what to expect every day

Nightly dinners together

Fruit and veggie markets

Danna and Martin

Salsa dancing


Living with all of my friends

How cheap fruits and vegetables are

The kiddos in the library

Traveling all around Ecuador every weekend

The breathtaking views everywhere you look

Being forced to speak spanish

The sharing

Dirty burgers, corbiche, tortillas, street food!

Traveling with the group

Public transportation

Salsa dancing, or at least trying to Salsa

Tossing the frisbee on the beach at sunset

Dinner parties with the family (aka the group)

Basketball at La Piscina

The scenery

Cheap travel


Living with my friends 



Trying different restaurants

Hitting my head  

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