Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Recycling Challenge - Day 1

This week marks our last week of summer camp 2013 and to kick the week off right we introduced a Recycling Challenge! We asked the kids to bring in plastic bottles with the promise of a fiesta if we reached 200 bottles and a prize to participants who contributed the most. We may have drastically underestimated their ability to find and collect bottles because by 9am this morning we already had about 90 bottles piled up in the corner of the library .. needless to say the kids here love good old fashion competition! This project is the beginning of what we hope becomes a more permanent recycling program at the library as the need for more advanced environmentally friendly infrastructure is ever present in the valley.
Profes Heather and Cate join Miguel, Isaac, Dominic and Priscilla who collectively brought in 58 bottles on the first day of the challenge. 

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