Sunday, April 5, 2009

Saturday Night Sunset

As enjoyed by us girls. Who haven't quite mastered the art of MacBook photo booth pictures :)

For all of you blog readers, I have an early request. As mentioned at the end of the Mark Hand interview, this week I will be interviewing Jocelyn Lancaster (second from the right); exciting! However, this Friday Ecuador has a holiday (for Semana Santa) for which we will all be traveling; thus i'm pushing up the deadline for questions a day earlier.

If you have a question you'd like Jocelyn to answer, please post it as a comment or email it to me by Tuesday, April 7 at midnight!


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lancaster.sarah56 said...

Holly, my message to you got returned, so I'm going to try to post Jocelyn's questions here.
Who is winning in your bet with Mark? What has it been like to go without desserts? What happens in Ecuador for Easter? Have you had cuy yet? When will you write your next blog? (and then as a joke) What are your deep, dark secrets?