Monday, June 15, 2009

Another trek to Mitad del Mundo

With the arrival of summer session two, we PDs found ourselves revving up for another week of orientation. Of course, since I am notoriously bad at opening email attachments, I didn't end up signing up for an orientation spot until the last minute, at which point I realized that, oh, the only spots available are for...Mitad del Mundo! Again!

If Mark were reading over my shoulder he would say something along the lines of "Well, this is what happens when you don't open attachments or answer your cell phone or..." (ok, so I have a slight cell phone problem, as my family can also attest to).

We missed Fiona and Mari, who were feeling a little under the weather and opted out of the 4+ hours of busing, but overall had a funny day out on the equatorial line. It's always a strange feeling to realize that you're standing in both the northern and southern hemisphere at the same time...

Until tomorrow,

(getting the talk about the sundial and shadows and equatorial lines and all that jazz)

(Michael tries an Andean mask on for size)

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