Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Quick and Useful Survey

To Whom it May Concern:

In the interest of filling this blog with the stories, information, and pictures people are actually interested in (instead of using it as my own personal sounding board and dumping ground for sunset pictures), I'm going to try something new. Something exciting. Something called "Asking for feedback"... see, exciting, I told you! We aim to please down here.

Basically my creative juices are less like juice and more like molasses...as in not flowing. So that's where you all come in: What do you want to read about? What would you like to see photographs of? If I post another sunset picture will you throw something at your computer screens? What programs haven't been given enough blog time? More stories about the house, or more focus on Manna as an organization?

Any and all suggestions are welcome, either as comments or as emails directly to me (holland.c.ward@gmail.com)! Just don't tell me that my grammar is atrocious or my spelling is bad, because a) I'm very sensitive about that and b) I am well aware.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

(Not related at all to today's post, but still kind of cool. The Conocoto church is now PEACH. Less cool)


lancaster.sarah56 said...

Can you tell us about the graduates of the business course? Have any of them been working toward opening up the business they planned?

Aravon said...

Holly, I am so glad you asked this question. While a lesser man might quibble and find fault in the brutal subjugation of the English language, I personally believe that your openness to suggestion presents me with the opportunity to impart an idea far more productive to the quality of the blog than simply lamenting over the proper usage of the term "who" as opposed to "whom" -- namely, I feel strongly that instead of filling this blog with stories, information, and pictures that people are actually interested in, that the blog itself should be far more focused on me. Quite frankly, over the course of the year I was relatively dissatisfied and dismayed with the general lack of stories (zero, to be exact) centering entirely on myself. In my mind, the relative ratio of the blog's articles (currently sitting at 100% of posts pertaining to Manna staff, programs, trips, etc., with 0% of posts devoted entirely to myself) should be closer to the ideal ratio of having a full 100% of posts devoted entirely to myself. Regardless, no worries -- I'm perfectly willing to put the past behind us and to forgive this inadvertent, albeit important oversight and trust that such omissions will be corrected fully in due course.

Mark Clayton Hand said...

I like the peach.