Sunday, June 7, 2009

Interviews: In Summation

A few wrap-ups:

1. Of course, 20 minutes after making fun of Dana for having pink eye, guess who was smote for her mockery...that's right. We both will be wearing our glasses from here on out of abject fear of recurrence.

2. Yes, I realize I spelled chef incorrectly in my interview video (thanks for pointing that one out, Craig)... what can I say, other than I will never win any awards when it comes to spelling.

3. Want to know what happened to the extra footage from all the interviews? Oh, I have plans (besides using some of it as future blackmail for any of our politically-interested PDs, cough cough Eliah), and these plans involve putting together random segments each week. Live in fear, other PDs, live in fear.

That's all :)
(oh, and Happy Sunday, too!)

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