Thursday, September 24, 2009

Vamos a La Selva!

Today's guest blog was supposed to come from Miss birthday Booe, Haley herself (HAPPY BIRTHDAY HALEY!!!)... however, we all just spent the last 2+ celebrating by gorging ourselves at Crepes y Waffles (a delicious non-Ecuadorian establishment).  The average course went a little something like this: ice cream, salad, personal dinner crepe, shared and/or personal desert, followed by homemade cake.  If that doesn't induce food coma, I'm not sure what would.  

We're also leaving for SierrAzul, an ecological reserve in the cloud forest with over 2,000 hectares of virgin forest, in t-minus 7 hours.  This will be the first of our quarterly retreats and we are super excited!  So, my apologies for this haphazard blog entry and our lack of a guest blog but we promise to deliver an entry from Haley and a detailed account of our retreat after the weekend (and on time!)

Chet is a good sport as the girls from the library "dress him up" after art class

Part of the table at dinner (we unsuccessfully tried to get the whole table)

Group shot after dinner (sorry if you're one of the members of the dart game)

Haley with her lemon poppyseed (minus poppyseed) desert #3

Have a great weekend! 
- Jackie

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Dunc Fulton said...

thanks guys - just spent the past 10 minutes slumped over in my computer chair until i could pull the dart out myself...