Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Birthday to our Jefa!

Wednesday we made a midweek trip into Quito to celebrate the 30th birthday of our wonderful country director, Bibi! After something of a disappointment in arriving at Café Toledo to find that the live music started 2 ½ hours later than we’d been led to believe over the phone (the band wasn’t even there yet), that we were the only customers in the restaurant at 8pm, and that food and drinks cost Stateside prices, Bibi decided to move the party down the street to a Thai/Japanese restaurant in La Mariscal. Over an assortment of Pad Thai and sushi roll dishes, we were able to properly commemorate Bibi’s big day!

Of course, a single day of festivities doesn’t suffice when it’s in honor of Bibi. We extended the celebration to Thursday night at the Manna House, giving it a home-grown flavor of kitchen-baked cake and dining table happy birthday singing.

Happy birthday, Bibi! We're so happy to share in your 30th with you!!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Bibi! It looks like the group helped you celebrate in style. We'll be watching the PDs settle into their new role, and look forward to hearing interesting news about your continued work there. All the best and many thanks for your influence and guidance, Rhonda Swanson