Sunday, August 15, 2010

Travelers galore...

After being together for a month, three of the PDs decided to travel to the beach this long weekend (Friday being a holiday because of dia de independencia). The three of them (Zoe, Luke and Becky) left on Thursday night and will not be back with us until Monday morning. It was strange cooking for only six people but the weekend was wonderfully relaxing (and surprisingly quiet). Jackie and Shawn have rejoined us from their travels and Bibi's family will be stopping by for dinner tonight, so once again we're cooking for a full house (12 or so).

I stayed behind this weekend because Ashley, Sam and I had a teen workshop at the Centro on Friday night. There is a big teen's rights movement happening in Ecuador and we are trying to get the young teens from our Centro to get involved and have a say in this movement. It is incredible the work they are doing and rewarding to hang out exclusively with the teenagers from the area even though they try to trick us into watching super inappropriate movies after the workshops.
Angela working with the teens in the Centro.

Fulfilling embarrassing punishments because I lost a game.

We are all eagerly awaiting Bibi's family for dinner. It is exciting to have guests here and many of us have presents that her family has generously agreed to carry with them in their suitcases. (I'm getting my Kindle tonight - finally!). After we all spend some time together tonight Bibi will depart for the jungle with her family and we will have another visitor for the week. Brooke Kingsland will be joining us from Duke University and we cannot wait to work with her. More updates to come soon!

Until Friday...

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Craig Smith said...

in spanish it's spelled "chao"