Wednesday, March 7, 2012

International Women's Day

In honor of International Women's Day, MPI Ecuador would like to give thanks to one special woman from our community who we feel empowers others. It is especially important within traditionally machismo cultures to honor and praise these inspirational women who serve as positive role models in their families and neighborhoods. Rosario, our neighbor in Rumiloma and our most dedicated Women's Exercise participant, is one such woman.

Rosario is a great role model for women in our community. She takes care of her sick father, her own household, and her grandchildren but still finds the time to come to workout classes several times a week. Her dedication to our exercise classes and to improving her own health is an inspiration to others. She calls herself an "exercise addict" noting that she can feel the difference in her body when she misses a few classes. When Rosario's mother passed away last summer she missed a few weeks of classes and we were concerned about her well being. She came back strong, bringing her sisters to classes and explaining to us that her mother had always encouraged them to workout and stay healthy. She says el Centro de Manna has helped her to lose weight and improve her self esteem. Rosario is also very interested in our Preventative Health Center, taking copies of every health article we put up to keep herself and her family educated. She is a strong woman, both in mind and body, and it is a comfort to have her around.

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