Monday, March 12, 2012

Mujer Corre!

Yesterday Rachel, Nicole and I ran in Conocoto’s first annual women-only race in honor of this week’s International Women’s Day. We have been excited about this race for a while, especially since we are in the process of planning our own Manna 5K to take place in June. This was the perfect chance to see a small, local race in action, and to talk to the people who planned it all. We got to witness how everything was organized and executed and made some connections with the group in charge. The race was really great to see, I had never run in a women-only race before and it was cool how many women participated, and how many men and other family members were there to support them. We had our own personal cheerleader, our neighbor Caesar, who was kind enough to drive us to the race at 7am and wait for us at the finish line. After the race they put on a big bailoterapia demonstration (dance aerobics, kind of like zumba) in the main park in Conocoto. We had a good time watching the festivities, and were able to get a lot of great ideas for our own race.

In other news, the three of us also traveled to the airport last night to pick up our new group of spring breakers from UGA! The Manna House got an extra 10 girls for the week and we PDs have several extra sets of hands and some fresh perspectives to help us out with our programs. The UGA girls will be blogging throughout the week, read about their experience here.

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