Friday, August 3, 2012

Ecuador... you will be missed

This has been a week of lasts as the 2011-2012 Program Directors hand over our lives and programs to the new group. As my last blog post I compiled a list of things we “old PDs” are going to miss about Ecuador as we had back to the US. It is unbelievable how fast the time passed, and how quickly this foreign country became our home and these Ecuadorians became our family and friends. August snuck up on us, and while I do miss friends and family at home as of right now there is no part of me that is ready to leave Ecuador. Well, asi es la vida… Here are the things that made this year incredible and we are really going to miss:

The food! cevichocho, hornado, seco de pollo, humitas, encocado, encebollado

The music - especially the constant salsa and reggaeton mixes on the public buses 

Hugging kids in the library

Riding the Capelo

Being the tallest person in a 50mi radius

The community members who constantly make us feel appreciated and welcome

Reading with Matias

Crepes and Waffles ice cream

Fresh fruit juices

Playing rapido

The adventure! We woke up everyday not really knowing what to expect and in Ecuador, the unexpected usually occurred  

Family dinners in the Manna House

The Choclo

Doing work that is fulfilling


The weather in the valley

Speaking Spanish

Teaching exercise classes

Being called “vecina” and “mi hija” but mostly being called “profe”

Living in the same house with some of our best friends

Our English students and the Adult English parties

Being constantly surrounded by the Spanish language

The amazing hospitality of Ecuadorians

Living in the mountains, there is nothing like waking up to the Andes every morning

The natural beauty of Ecuador

This year’s blog will be managed by Sara, Jefferson, and Pete. One reassuring thought about leaving Manna, the new group is awesome. MPI Ecuador is in good hands.

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