Thursday, August 9, 2012

New Kids on the Cuadra

Hello MPIE readers,

Well the final cluster of the PDs of 2011-2012 left yesterday so my group has taken the reins and its safe to say that the Ecuador chapter of Manna is in safe, capable hands. This is not only my first blog post for Manna, but my first blog post ever so bear with me over the next few weeks as I get the tone of the blog and formatting under control. We started our summer camp on Tuesday this week and its been a huge success so far, however a more in-depth post on that will be coming in the next week. I just wanted to use this first post to introduce myself and my fellow bloggers who will be running Open Hands and Dirty Feet over the next year.

My name is Jefferson Deming, 22 years old, and a recent graduate from Vanderbilt University. Im from  El Dorado, AR, a small town in the southern part of the state. I've traveled a fair amount throughout Europe and South America and am looking to bring this experience to the blog. As aforementioned, this is my first go at blogging so am looking forward to learning the ropes. Im the director for Small Business Development, Agriculture, Computer Class, and the Teen Center so let me apologize ahead of the time for any bias.

A graduate in Health Sciences from the University of North Carolina-Asheville, Peter is looking forward to the next year and all the experiences ahead here in Ecuador.  He will be working in the Agriculture, Child's Nutrition and Preventative Health programs, as well as being an active member at Manna's Teen Center and Library. Pete will also be heading up our Video blogging which we hope to incorporate more thoroughly into the blog this year. 

Sarah Grossman is a graduate of Brown University '12 in International Relations. Born and raised in NYC, she has spent the last three summers working in community development in Panama, Mexico, and Ecuador. In light of her passion for serving impoverished communities, she joined Manna Project in Quito, Ecuador. She currently runs the Small Business Program, teaches Advanced Adult English, and does international PR. When she returns home, she hopes to pursue a career in non-profit and international development

Thats just a quick bio on the three of us who will running the blog and if you'd like to meet the rest of the PDs this year just follow the link below and read up on us all. And I think I speak for everyone when I say I am deeply sorry for how we all look in our pictures.


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