Monday, August 27, 2012

Update and Coming Plans

     We've finished up our summer camp Saturday with a rousing party for the kids and their families. The campers were awarded diplomas lauding their many achievements over the past three weeks of camp. They also each received a CD containing a slideshow of the paseos, charlas, and art projects. Now we have a lull in activities over the next two weeks that we'll use to prepare for the start of our class programs which begin on September 11th. These include English, nutrition, cooking, and computer classes while women's exercise and the library times will continue to run on their regular schedule. 
     Currently, there's an on-going festival in Sangolqui with an upcoming bullfight as the main attraction that most of us plan on attending. We've also have planned an overnight trip to Cotapaxi, a nearby, looming 20,000 foot mountain, so I'll have plenty more to write on over the next two weeks to keep everyone updated.

Until then, heres a picture of the family to hold y'all over. 


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