Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fresh Faces, Same Place

 Action shot, mid-learning!

The Childrens Nutrition Program started a new semester with the 6th grade classes at Chaupitena this past week.  Off to a good start with well behaved students (as far as we know for now), Polly, Jenni and myself are focusing our material on the My Plate curriculum.  With a semester already under our belts at Chaupitena, we decided with younger students this semester to focus more on identifying foods and food groups, healthy choices, as well as the culture of food in general and here in Ecuador.

We still get to spend recess with the students which is the cherry on top of this sweet program we have going on.  However we will not be recommending hot fudge sundaes to our students.

Check in with us again next week.  We have a blog from Heather, our Country Director,  coming soon about her travels to Brazil for Carnival!

Caya Cama o Hasta Manana!

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